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Earth Cover.png
If you could send an email to Earth, what would it say? Dear Earth, Love Humans is a global campaign promoting the beauty of our planet and self-reflection through the use of everyday technology. 
Fort Cover.png
For·ti·tude: courage in pain or adversity. Fortitude raises funds and provides solutions for challenges such as affordable healthcare, climate change, homelessness, racial injustice, social injustice, and more. 
Manifest Cover.png
What if it turns out even better than you imagined? The Manifest is a small business selling everyday essentials for higher vibrations and quality of life through self-love, gratitude, positivity and discipline. 
Rise Cover.png
It's all about how your morning begins. Rise Motel is a modern, boutique motel promoting the power of routine, healthy morning habits, and the importance of self-care, relaxation and mindfulness.
Junk Cover.png
The Junk Journal is an online scrapbook & light crafts store promoting the power of creativity and connection through the point-of-view of an aspiring artist on their life's journey.
Salad Cover.png
Salad heaven... you know, if Heaven was set in a 70s diner. Passed down from generation to generation and ran by a family passionate about health and wellness, The Salad Bunch is about to become your usual Sunday brunch spot.
Delish Cover.png
Experiencing the pandemic as an essential worker pushed Carly to pursue her passions outside of the chaos. She came to me for help on launching Deliciously Decompress, a food blog to share her recipes and mental health journey.
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